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Product ambassadors


We are looking for sales representatives who can meet quotas and have the energy and personality to consistently bring new clientele. 

What we propose is that you would receive a personal coupon allowing all the people you refer to the store to receive a 20% discount on their overall purchase cost. Every customer will have the opportunity to enter the coupon code of their referrer, i.e. all your customers will indicate that you are the reason they have found the store. You will then receive 40% of the profits from all the sales made in your name.

You will make as much as you sell. Think of it as coming on as our partner, we will take home the exact same amount of profits as you do. All that would be required of the ambassador is to find clientele and help make sales.

For instance, if you get 1000 sales for shoes that cost 30$, you will make 12,000$ as 40% of the profit.

We will discuss further terms and benefits for you if you get back to us soon. As well as how to approach our end of the marketing scheme, and how you can work in tandem with it. 


The proposal that we are making is a quid pro quo proposal, it is not a one time service proposal. We want to partner up with a few individuals and each will get paid according to the amount of sales garnered from their work and the sales brought through to the store by their recommendation (i.e. purchases made using their personal coupons). 


It is a commission-based agreement where each partner stands in line to be well compensated well. An exact 50-50 split of the profits. All the partner would need to do is bring people to the store with their coupons.

In the meantime, check out our store and see if these are products you could sell. 

Our company would also receive the same amount in profits as the other 20% would be cost of stock, packaging and shipping.

We are aiming to have a number of representatives in our books so please share with friends and family who might be interested. This is an amazing opportunity if we do say so ourselves.

If you are interested in the job, click on the CONTACT button above. That will lead you to the mailing section. Let us know that you are interested and we will get back to you.




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