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    When the sky shields its dim starry eyes, 
    The night’s kimono is spreading unwrapped -
    You would put on this clever disguise, 
    The dark folds cling, invisibly apt...

    The immovable silence would choke, 
    Its deafening talons hang straight, 
    Your hearing soars like the smoke
    When the wind rises to undulate.

    The striving instinct to kill
    Is bent to your Personal Code.
    Ever flowing, endlessly still, 
    Hidden shades would become your abode.

    Your body - in molten submission
    To the straits of the fortune you ride, 
    To the sequence of your intuition
    That has never been solidified.

    The warmth, coldly sacrificial, 
    You pay to your profound teachers
    Who make you see the Initial
    Penetrating the sacred features.

    In the moments of a savage repose
    When you’ve laid all the demons to rest, 
    Your scorn and disgust make your foes
    As long as you choose to detest.

    When the Death steals up to assail
    Grimacing, stretching the claws, 
    The Life would resist, strong and frail...
    And this struggle enframes all the laws...

    Away through the darkness you skim
    Holding the keys of the chance.
    Your mind flies on the moment’s brim.
    Deep waters stream, calm at a glance.

    The moon throws its covers to mask
    Your tactics, uncatchably swift.
    As elusive as shadows at dusk, 
    As clouds your spirit would drift.

    The Honour would keep up your action.
    The Scabbard protects Understanding, 
    The Sword is your Will’s Projection, 
    The Blade shows Eternal Ascending. 


    Natalia Bakina

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